Hello! Welcome to the manliest movie blog around.

I am just a normal guy who loves movies.  People always tell you to do what you love, right?  So that’s what I do–movies.  A while back, a few friends and I were trying to decide between two movies we wanted see.  It was pretty much a tie when we put it to a vote, and both were playing at the right time at the right theater.  So, naturally, we turned to the ratings.  But there was something unconvincing about the ratings from Fandango or any one of the popular movie reviews.  I knew from past experience that we could read every review out there and still have no idea whether we wanted to see the movie or not.  That is the moment I decided to start my own blog.  I became fed up with unreliable movie critics and decided to change the game in some small way.  I decided to create a blog that appeals to the average man;  a blog that appeals to men like me; not movie snobs or pompous film connoisseurs.  So men, read this blog with confidence and know that I am looking out for you.  I would not lead you down the wrong path.  Men love movies and I intend to keep it that way.  While today’s major movie critics are out there weakening people’s faith in modern cinema, I am here to strengthen it.  As long as you trust in The Art of Cinemanliness, you will be safe.


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