Grown Ups 2 Lacks the Most Important Part of a Comedy… Humor.

Grown Ups 2 pic

Let’s not waste time here; its awful.  Grown Ups 2 is just plain awful.  Not an offensive or annoying kind of awful– just a really, really awkward one.

The movie features the whole Happy Madison gang that we remember from movies like Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy.  At first, this sounds like a good sign.  After all, these guys have made some pretty funny movies together, right?  Yeah, but they have also had some major flops.  And, my lord, is this one of them.

The movie starts off with some very unoriginal “animal peeing on your face” humor.  Now I’m not one for deer-piss humor, but I understand that some people might find it funny.  But still, this is how you start the movie?  This is the funniest thing you could possibly think of?  Okay. Fine. I’ll let it go.  In fact, it isn’t even the beginning of Grown Ups 2 that makes it so awful; it’s every painfully and awkwardly unfunny scene that follows.

The movie has about 10, maybe 15 laughs.  Most of which come in one scene during Lenny’s daughter’s ballet recital (which for reasons other than Adam Sandler’s humor, might even be worth the price of a ticket).  The rest of the so-called “jokes” are simply not funny.  Any poor soul who has had the displeasure of seeing this movie can tell you that Grown Ups 2 just doesn’t deliver.  The sad thing (and I mean sad for me–because had to suffer through this nightmare) is that the movie actually could have been quite funny.  There are quite a few moments where you want to laugh…but just can’t.  I think this is where the art of comedy clashed with the greed of Hollywood.  Plain and simple, Adam Sandler knew this movie would make plenty of money at the box office riding the coattail of the first Grown Ups.  So, he rode the hell out of that coattail.  Or you could argue that this gang of actors just sucks.  And that’s a valid argument as well.

Basically, Grown Ups 2 tries to do what This Is The End did but left out the humor.  It brings a bunch of funny people together but forgets to be funny.   Don’t waste your time with Grown Ups 2, go see This Is The End or something.  Unless you enjoy watching a ton of celebrities not be funny; then knock yourself out, I guess.


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