“This Is The End” is F***ing Funny


Let’s just cut to the chase. You definitely want to see This Is The End. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the same guys that wrote Superbad, teamed up again to write and direct this raunchy, sometimes disgusting, ridiculous and hilarious comedy. The movie is based on a pretty simple plot—the apocalypse. However, Rogen and Goldberg decided to throw in a very new, very entertaining twist; all the characters are semi-fictional versions of the actors themselves.


Seth Rogen, the main character, is his usual Hollywood self; a pot-smoking, beer drinking, junk food eating, chubby guy. Jay Baruchel is visiting his good friend, Rogen, for a laid-back weekend. We also meet James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson. Even such stars as Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Aziz Ansari, and Jason Segel make a quick appearance. The movie pokes fun at each of these characters. Jason Segel makes fun of his role on “How I Met Your Mother”, Seth Rogen takes a few jabs about The Green Hornet, and Michael Cera plays a crazy coke addict (somehow I think this one’s strictly fictional). The actors pretty much all joke about themselves in one way or another and believe me, it’s entertaining.

This Is The End

As an insane set of apocalyptic events begin to occur in LA, these six self-absorbed celebrities must find a way to survive. Much to Jay Baruchel’s dismay, the six find themselves stuck inside James Franco’s house and as you can imagine, mayhem ensues. From Craig Robinson drinking his own urine to Jonah Hill getting molested by a demon, the movie just gets more and more outrageous. Usually this type of movie might come off as boring or predictable, but the star power and the sometimes downright obscene humor of the Rogen/Goldberg duo take this movie to a whole new level. An argument between James Franco and Danny McBride about ejaculating and the exorcism of a possessed Jonah Hill are bound to get some laughs. Let me put it this way—every time the movie wants you to laugh, you’ll laugh (and I don’t mean chuckle, I mean laugh out loud).

As their situation worsens, these self-mocking celebrities become increasingly frustrated with each other. This creates even more opportunities for hilarity. The James Franco-Danny McBride dynamic was one of my favorites.


This Is The End is the best comedy of the year so far and it’s unlikely anything this funny will come out for a while. The hilarious combination of the apocalypse and a bunch of selfish celebrities is something quite unusual, yet quite entertaining. If you like to laugh, This Is The End is the movie for you; be careful though, you might hurt yourself.


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