“Man of Steel” paints a bright future for the new cinematic saga of Superman

mos_glyph_hiresMan of Steel gives us the story of how the most iconic superhero became “Superman”.  By telling the epic story of Superman’s beginnings, Man of Steel gives us an idea of this cinematic saga’s future—and it looks bright.


One of the most important tasks for Zack Snyder was choosing a Superman that fits the audience’s expectations, as we will likely be stuck with him for at least two movies.  Everyone has a pretty specific image of what Superman looks like and the wrong actor would have doomed this cinematic saga to failure.  Luckily, Henry Cavill is perfect.  Let’s be honest, this guy is exactly who you see when you imagine Superman.  Some might say his acting could be better, but who cares?  He gives the audience exactly what they want; a Superman that actually looks like Superman.


Next, Man of Steel does one of the hardest things to do with a superhero movie; it moves at a pace that keeps the die-hard Superman fans interested, but not so fast that the average movie-goer gets confused.  The movie avoids being too obvious, but is careful not to be cryptic.  This is no easy task for this type of movie, but Zack Snyder makes it look effortless.  The movie uses many subtle (but not too subtle) references that really excite the crowd.  This balance is essential for the Man of Steel saga to be successful in the future.


While balance among audiences and the right actor make Man of Steel enjoyable, there is also a darker, less “PG” side to the movie.  Man of Steel avoids the typical boring and uncomplicated take on Superman.  Instead, it adds a more realistic aspect of life and death to the story.  Man of Steel brings the full spectrum of human emotion to the story of Superman, much like The Dark Knight did to the story of Batman.  This aspect is what I believe gives this cinematic saga so much potential.  After watching Man of Steel we see that this story will be something different and more complicated, yet much more interesting than any other Superman movie or show.


Lastly, the movie introduces us to a new and refreshing version of Lois Lane and lays the groundwork for her and Clark Kent’s relationship.  Amy Adams is probably one of the last actresses I would have expected to be cast as Lois Lane.  And that’s exactly why she is so right for the part.  While the movie needed a somewhat stereotypical Superman, it definitely did not need a stereotypical Lois Lane.  Amy Adams gives us a more personal take on Superman’s girl and it works quite well.  Man of Steel gives us some idea of what is to come for these two and will, undoubtedly, explore this even further in the next movie.

Man of Steel does just about everything right.  By giving us the Superman we want, a plotline we can all follow, a new aspect to the world of Superman, and a Lois Lane we didn’t expect (but love all the more), Zack Snyder has laid the foundation for a very successful Superman saga.


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