Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson duo makes “The Internship” a must-see


The Internship opened this Friday along with other highly anticipated movies such as, The Purge and Now You See Me. This light comedy features many high-profile actors such as Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and Rob Riggle. Even Sergey Brin (Co-Founder of Google) makes an appearance. While the movie has been largely overshadowed by the other two major releases of the week, we still think it’s worth your while.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson prove once again how hilarious of a duo they really are. Billy McMahon (Vaughn), who often refers to himself of ‘Uncle Billy’, and Nick Campbell (Wilson) are middle-aged watch salesmen who, while trying to make a big sale, find out that their boss is shutting down the business and cashing out. The two “dinosaurs” leave their old job with nothing but a watch from their boss. The two know how little opportunity is out there for people in their situation. This is shown in a scene early on where Billy (Vaughn) is seen googling “jobs for people with no skills”.

After realizing how screwed they really are, the two decide it’s time to reinvent themselves. And what better way than by applying for a competitive internship at one of the most innovative technology companies in the world? From the start, the two are incredibly optimistic. This naive and childish open-mindedness paired with Vince Vaughn’s one-liners and Owen Wilson’s sarcastic charm really makes the movie. The two characters are almost twice as old as all the other interns and this, along with their extreme lack of tech background, leads to quite a few awkward and humorous situations.

Vaughn and Wilson take on a much more relatable and mature role than in their last partnership–Wedding Crashers. The all-to-familiar feeling of being obsolete in a progressively technology based world connects the main characters to the audience in a truly funny way. Watching Vince Vaughn play Quidditch is worth the price of a ticket alone. But the hilarity of two old men trying to keep up with some of the biggest tech geeks in the world is only one aspect of what makes The Internship so relatable. The inspiration that results from watching these two quirky 40-somethings pursue a dream is the other. It is the classic “underdog” story that America loves so much. However, it is careful not to be cliche.

The story is inspiring and quite relatable. And despite the fact that the movie does push Google quite a bit, The Internship is worth the trip.


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