The First of Many

Every man has been fooled into watching some “critically-acclaimed” chick-flick with his wife or girlfriend. “It can’t be that bad”, we tell ourselves. “The critics say it’s actually pretty good”, we say. But is this ever the case? Rarely. We all know how the story ends; an hour and a half of complete and utter boredom. Major movie critics are unpredictable. And worse, they aren’t looking out for us; the average men. Men need to be able to read a review and know exactly how manly (or how un-manly) a movie is. Men need a source they can trust; someone like them. The fact is, the world needs a movie critic who will look out for the average man; the manliest of men. “A silent guardian, a watchful protector…a dark knight.” –Lt. Gordon from The Dark Knight. That’s what this blog is; a guardian of manliness. Don’t risk walking into a two hour snore-fest like Safe Haven without at least knowing what to expect. Your time is valuable. You work hard and the last thing you want to do is to spend ten bucks on a ticket and what seems like the rest of your life savings on one bag of Twizzlers, all so you can suffer through two hours of some lousy movie. That’s what’s different about this blog; I am an average man on a very un-average quest to find the movies you want and warn you about the ones you don’t.


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