What Kind Of Batman Will Superman Face? 5 Choices For ‘Superman & Batman’

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This weekend at Comic-Con Warner Bros dropped a bombshell: instead of announcing a sequel to this summer’s “Man of Steel” (or a full-on “Justice League” movie), they revealed they would instead be bringing a Batman/Superman team-up movie to the big screen. Once again overseen by the “Man of Steel” team of director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer (with Christopher Nolan taking a distant executive producer role this time around) the movie will likely retain much of the “Man Of Steel” cast (including Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne), while folding in a presumably new Batman mythology. What they didn’t say was who would be putting on the cape and cowl. Let the speculation begin!

The actor eventually chosen to be the new Batman will have to have a few attributes— they’ll have to be at least somewhat physically imposing and be able to perform a physically demanding role (not only will there be a number of fight sequences, undoubtedly, but wearing the suit is a task in and of itself); they will have to be comfortable with signing on for a number of movies (sequels, spin-offs, whatever); they need leading-man presence and acting chops (presumably whoever plays Batman will have a lot less screen time to establish whothis Batman is compared to the already established Superman). Moreover, they’ll have to have some chemistry with Henry Cavill, while at the same not outshining him either. It’s a daunting proposition, but that’s not going to stop it being highly, highly coveted.

Even within that set of parameters the kind of actor they’ll be looking for depends on the kind of Batman the writers are going for. Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” series, after all, showed us that after many different kinds of Batman stories, there are always other ways to approach even the most established of characters. We’ve chosen five different potential kinds of Batman (seeing as we’re not privy to the tack they’re taking), and picked out a list of five actors who could fulfil the needs of that character if Snyder and Goyer actually go there.

The Equal/The Actor Who’s A True Rival – Matt Bomer

One of the actors who could truly pull off Batman and is an equal to Superman Henry Cavill’s – both in terms of handsomeness and rough age range, while not being so famous as to be priced out of the market – is Matt Bomer. For years Bomer has been turning in small, memorable roles in movies like “In Time” and (hilariously) last summer’s “Magic Mike,” while starring in cable TV series “White Collar,” though mainstream stardom has eluded him. Playing Batman would certainly bring him stardom and then some, and besides having a really great chin (vital as it’s the part of the face that remains on view when donning the iconic Batman garb) Bomer has a darkness that he rarely gets to tap into, as evidenced in that scene in “Magic Mike” when he prods Channing Tatum into fondling his wife’s fake breasts. (He’s also proven himself comedically too, should Warner Bros want to incorporate some lightness into the character). Bomer isn’t a complete stranger to the DC Comics universe either; he voiced Superman in a direct-to-video animated feature earlier this year called “Superman: Unbound” and ironically, Brett Ratner wanted him for the lead role in the aborted, J.J. Abrams-penned Superman flick “Flyby” (read all about that right here). The only real downside is that Bomer’s so damn pretty, he’s not always threatening and he’d need to tap into some inner demons.

Odds They Go With This Kind Of Batman: It’s a possibility, though Bomer would probably have to have a phenomenal screen test alongside Cavill for chemistry. And is it possible the two are too alike?

The Idealist/The Actor That’s Familiar To The Franchise – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

At the end of “The Dark Knight Rises,” it was very clear that a new Dark Knight was rising in the form ofJoseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, a beat cop from Gotham named John Blake (real name: Robin John Blake). At the time, it seemed like that was the end of the franchise and Gordon-Levitt’s role in it. In fact, that was the intention. There was never meant to be a sequel with Gordon-Levitt as Batman, and for fanboys hoping that would be the case, it’s far too literal an interpretation of what Nolan and Goyer built. What Nolan was trying to say was Batman was a symbol and symbols are eternal and live on. Nolan was adamant about that symbolism (this being much more powerful than the physical incarnation of John Blake as Batman) and as a producer of “Man of Steel,” it stands to reason the filmmaker would have argued the same going forward. But this is a new world now and Nolan’s not really involved in “Batman & Superman” (or whatever this world’s finest collaboration will actually be called) and will only take an executive producer credit which means essentially very little active participation. So in many ways, WB and Snyder/Goyer are free of any Nolan rules in this new DC Universe. If they did go with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (which frankly, doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen, but it’s fun to discuss), there’s lot of potential DC Universe ramifications – effectively extending the Nolan Batman universe while simultaneously suggesting that both “Man of Steel” and those Batman movies exist in the same world (which takes a little logic leaping). The “cons” might ultimately outweigh the “pros” with casting Gordon-Levitt, whose physical stature suggests his Robin namesake more than Batman himself, and no matter how much Warner Bros wants to quickly establish these franchises and this world (and this might be a shortcut to doing so), Nolan has long said his trilogy is closed and off-limits, so don’t hold your breath.

Odds They Go With This Kind Of Batman: Sorry, not gonna happen.

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J.J. Abrams not dropping out of ‘Star Wars’ sequel, Lucasfilm says

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J.J. Abrams is not dropping out of the next “Star Wars” film, contrary to certain online reports.

“There is no truth to the rumor,” Lucasfilm said in a statement issued Monday. “J.J. is having a great time working on the script and is looking forward to going into production next year.”

“Star Wars: Episode VII” will be written by Michael Arndt, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Toy Story 3,” and will be shot at England’s historic Pinewood Shepperton Studios.

Disney, which acquired Lucasfilm last year, announced in April it will release a new “Star Wars” film every year beginning in 2015 with “Episode VII,” the first installment in a planned trilogy.

George Lucas will serve as a “creative consultant” on those three films, but has no plans to write or direct.

In an interview with Hero Complex earlier this year, Abrams described having the opportunity…

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Comic-Con: Man of Steel Sequel Likely Called Batman Vs. Superman

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superman___batmanSo a Superman/Batman team-up movie is happening. Director Zack Snyder‘s announcement at the Warner Bros. panel on Saturday was perhaps the biggest news out of Comic-Con this weekend. And while we know almost nothing about the film, it turns out Man of Steel co-writer David Goyer, who is also penning the sequel, let slip the likely name of the film at a different panel.

Goyer said the following at the Superman 75th Anniversary Panel, but the reveal was drowned out in the craziness of the day’s bigger Hall H panels: “We aren’t sure if the title will be Batman Vs Superman or Superman Vs Batman, but they will face off.” (Snyder did say on Saturday that that the iconic The Dark Knight Returns — wherein the two fight it out — will “inform” the film.)

Slash Film has looked into which website URLs Warner Bros. owns that…

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Grown Ups 2 Lacks the Most Important Part of a Comedy… Humor.

Grown Ups 2 pic

Let’s not waste time here; its awful.  Grown Ups 2 is just plain awful.  Not an offensive or annoying kind of awful– just a really, really awkward one.

The movie features the whole Happy Madison gang that we remember from movies like Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy.  At first, this sounds like a good sign.  After all, these guys have made some pretty funny movies together, right?  Yeah, but they have also had some major flops.  And, my lord, is this one of them.

The movie starts off with some very unoriginal “animal peeing on your face” humor.  Now I’m not one for deer-piss humor, but I understand that some people might find it funny.  But still, this is how you start the movie?  This is the funniest thing you could possibly think of?  Okay. Fine. I’ll let it go.  In fact, it isn’t even the beginning of Grown Ups 2 that makes it so awful; it’s every painfully and awkwardly unfunny scene that follows.

The movie has about 10, maybe 15 laughs.  Most of which come in one scene during Lenny’s daughter’s ballet recital (which for reasons other than Adam Sandler’s humor, might even be worth the price of a ticket).  The rest of the so-called “jokes” are simply not funny.  Any poor soul who has had the displeasure of seeing this movie can tell you that Grown Ups 2 just doesn’t deliver.  The sad thing (and I mean sad for me–because had to suffer through this nightmare) is that the movie actually could have been quite funny.  There are quite a few moments where you want to laugh…but just can’t.  I think this is where the art of comedy clashed with the greed of Hollywood.  Plain and simple, Adam Sandler knew this movie would make plenty of money at the box office riding the coattail of the first Grown Ups.  So, he rode the hell out of that coattail.  Or you could argue that this gang of actors just sucks.  And that’s a valid argument as well.

Basically, Grown Ups 2 tries to do what This Is The End did but left out the humor.  It brings a bunch of funny people together but forgets to be funny.   Don’t waste your time with Grown Ups 2, go see This Is The End or something.  Unless you enjoy watching a ton of celebrities not be funny; then knock yourself out, I guess.

The 10 Manliest Movies Ever Made


What makes a movie manly? Is it action? Adventure? Violence? It is hard to define what exactly makes a movie manly. Some say it is all of these things. I say there is more to movie manliness. There is some x-factor that only an elite group of movies have managed to capture. These are the movies that set the bar for all movies seeking to be manly.

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10. Braveheart


William Wallace and his Scotsmen may have won the award for scene most likely to inspire you to act out with violence on things you feel passionately about. This movie had everything: A story with love, loss, sadness, passion, rage, war and someone getting back what was rightfully theirs – all through adversity and hardships by an unfair opponent. A man leading an army that’s certain they’re outnumbered, but still fights to the death for what they believe in. This is arguably the best constructed manly movie of all-time.

9. Enter the Dragon


Not an insanely intricate plot, with Bruce Lee contracted to spy on a crime boss via a martial arts tournament. Realistically though, when this movie was being made, there probably wasn’t crew on set talking about academy awards. Just an all out ass-kicking hour and a half of martial arts madness. A blueprint movie that paved the way for martial arts in cinema.

8. The Godfather


This might be the classiest manly movie ever made. A downright outtake of men in power taking the necessary steps to keep it all in the family. A ruthless depiction of what happens when you don’t pay your respects when they’re due to the wrong kind of people. Don Corleone and crew might do something terrible if they didn’t make this list.

7. Terminator


Since Arnold Schwarzenegger has almost corned the market on manly movies, this decision came down to two things. First, the premise of Terminator is as awesome as you can get. A cyborg from the future sent back to kill Sarah Connor to prevent a future takeover by the machines? Yes. I think so. Secondly, it coined this famous phrase: “I’ll be back.”

6. Dirty Harry


Naturally, leaving Clint Eastwood of this list would be borderline blasphemy. So in honor of this living legend and pioneer of cinema justice, The Gentle Manual had to go with Dirty Harry on this one. Police Inspector Harry Callahan making his streets safe by any means necessary while trying to hunt down a psychopath killer. So many memorable quotes and more than enough man-fueled action here to make our list.

5. Predator


Of course in any movie where you throw commandos in the middle of the jungle with a ton of ammo and automatic weapons, there’s minimal chance of anything girly going down. Add in a creature from a much more technologically sophisticated planet hunting them down like dogs and you have a recipe for a bad-ass manly movie.

4. Scarface


What could be said about this movie can’t always be said about any classic film: It changed everything. A man coming from nothing, rising to power then falling from grace. In this case, with shootouts, lots of money and women in between.

3. Gladiator


Now talk about about some pure, primal carnage for a man to really connect with. You might as well grab a steak and order it bloody as hell, turn on Gladiator while wearing chain mail in your living room and just be one with the way of the time period. Survive or die. This film would certainly make an iron-hearted man out of you.

2. Die Hard


No one will ever forget when they were introduced to John McClane. This flick had enough explosions, gun play and kick-ass scenes that when it debuted in 1988, most people hadn’t yet to see so much action with such a terrific storyline.

1. Fight Club


There’s nothing much manlier than a bare knuckle, underground men’s boxing club that isn’t allowed to be spoken about. The thrill of the sport creates a camaraderie between a crew of men that needed something to supplement their lives of boredom. Fight Club definitely takes a front seat in this category.

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The Wolf Of Wall Street unveils its official trailer

Get ready gentelmen.  The Wolf Of Wall Street is going to be god damn magnificent.  The same Scorsese-Dicaprio duo that brought you Gangs of New York and The Departed is back to tell you the story of former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who was jailed for securities fraud and money laundering in 1998. See it in theaters this November.

5 Movie Scenes That Will Make You Want To Gamble


Movies have the power to make people think they could be someone or something other than themselves.  This why we love movies so much; they give us the courage to imagine.  Here’s five movie scenes that will make you think you could actually be a successful gambler.

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1. The Hangover

It told the story of four friends gathering for a bachelor party in Las Vegas and all hell breaking loose once the group consumed way too much of the local delicacies. The movie has a thought provoking scene in which Zach Galifianakis is finally put to the test and has to earn money gambling in the local casinos. He finally exercises his knowledge of probability and counting cards in a fun montage in the film that begged the question “Where do I buy Alan’s book “The World’s Greatest Black Jack Book.”

2. Rounders

Rounders is probably one of the most underrated of the films on this list. Starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich it was released in 1998. The film focuses on Matt Damon’s character, Mike McDermott, as he tries to generate a large enough bankroll to enter the World Series of Poker finals in Las Vegas. Along the way there is high drama as Edward Norton’s character, Lester ‘Worm’ Murphy, makes life anything but simple for his best friend. The subtle nuances, meticulous planning, and painstaking performances exhibited by these characters made me wonder what I could do with the right partner.


3. Casino Royale

Casino Royale brought about the return of James Bond in a powerful fashion. I remember that Daniel Craig had plenty of doubters before the film’s release, but many ate their words after they saw him in action. Some of the most exciting moments in the film for me were the gambling scenes, particularly in the Texas Hold’em tournament hosted in Montenegro. The stakes were high but Bond was able to find the nerve to not only continue playing in the game after being poisoned, he wins.


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How to Make a “Looper” style Blunderbuss Gun


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Rian Johnson’s Looper was a success in a lot of ways.  Not only did it propel Bruce Willis’ and  JGL’ dominance last summer, it also introduced a lot of cool time travel concepts and ideas.  One uniquely identifiable piece of work that was highlighted throughout the film and its promotional materials was the Loopers’ unique Blunderbuss gun.  The gun itself became pretty popular online prompting all sorts of video game mods to include the weapon, as well as clever cosplayers creating their own and risking arrest while posing. Fun stuff.

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The Insane Destruction That The Final “Man Of Steel” Battle Would Do To NYC, By The Numbers


One of my first reactions while watching Man Of Steel was “I wonder how much damage this is going to cost the city of Metropolis.”  Considering the way Superman and Zod basically turn the city into one giant pinball machine, I figured it would be quite expensive.  Here’s the answer from BuzzFeed.com…

In a study done exclusively for BuzzFeed, scientist and longtime disaster expert Charles Watson worked with his team at Watson Technical Consulting to model and anticipate the damage done to Metropolis, both in the form of human casualties and monetary cost. They ran analyses of the World Engine ground zero in Central Manhattan and central Chicago, finding that the major damage would be a mile in diameter.

WTC estimates that, in the days after the attack, the known damage would already be stunning: 129,000 known killed, over 250,000 missing (most of whom would have also died), and nearly a million injured.

The impact, WTC writes, “seemed to be similar to an air burst from a 20kt nuclear explosion in terms of shock effects, but without the radiation or thermal effects.”

In terms of the strictly physical damage done to the city, the initial estimate is $700 billion. To put that in context, 9/11’s physical damage cost $55 billion, with a further economic impact of $123 billion.

Overall, WTC estimates that the damage would be $2 trillion.

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image by Chris Ritter/Buzzfeed

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